Village Green Residents Assoc.

The Village Greens Voice
VOL.26      No. 10      OCTOBER 2001

Gone but Not Forgotten

The quiet heroes among us, you hear this phrase often, but now you can put a face to it. We knew Peter Carroll, the heroic firefighter who brought many to safety out of the World Trade Center and lost his life returning to save others, as Pete the Painter.

Pete grew up in Village Greens and some of his family still lives here. Though he moved away he remained very involved with his friends, and many of you used his services as “ Pete the Painter”. Village Greens itself used Pete’s services to paint the fences that surround our village.

Few of us knew that Pete was a hero, many times over; he was a firefighter for nineteen years. For the last ten years he was part of Squad 1 stationed in Park Slope Brooklyn, just a tunnel away from the World Trade Center. Innumerable times in the past 19 years Pete was a hero unsung and unheralded, which was just the way he wanted it. On Tuesday September 11, 2001 he gave his life, doing his job, going into the building so many were running away from, when it collapsed. We will not be able to tell Pete how much we respect and appreciate him for “ just doing his job” but whenever we see a firefighter, policeman or EMT, make sure you let them know we appreciate them for “just doing their job.”

As for Pete’s family, you have our deep and heartfelt condolences as well as our prayers and good thoughts. And Pete we will miss you and remember you especially when looking at “your “ fence. Farewell Good Friend

From Your Friends at Village Greens


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